Power Wash

Power-washing services, high-pressure cleaning of walkways, stairwells, buildings, parking lots, garages and more!

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Dirty exterior walls, walkways, or buildings? Stairways covered in dust, pollen and need a quick cleaning solution?

Power-washing with ACP Facility Services might be what you need to make your building sparkle again. Power Washing provided a superior high-pressure cleaning wash for all of your exterior surfaces that need layers of filth removed. We welcome any company to have our team of cleaning experts visit and use our power-washing equipment and cleaning supplies to restore your surfaces to their pristine appearance.

Our Power Wash service includes:

  • Our professional staff who have the working experience to insure a job well done
  • Equipment, we provide the equipment needed
  • An appointment scheduled around a time that works best for you!
  • Clearing of debris from areas power-washed


At ACP Facility Services we guarantee you’ll see a noticeable difference after your surfaces have been power washed. For more details on power-washable areas please contact an ACP Facility Services representative.