Carpet maintenance programs

Routine maintenance and cleaning of floors and carpet surfaces

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ACP Facility Services is well positioned to provide you with the best carpet cleaning service available for your buildings. ACP Facility Services’ carpet cleaning service is quick, convenient and hassle-free, our experts will handle everything – down to moving the furniture before and after cleaning. Set up a routine carpet maintenance program with ACP Facilities Services to keep your carpets in their best condition and avoid needing to purchase carpets sooner than necessary – maintaining a carpet is a smarter and better investment than having to replace your facilities’ carpets due to negligence and everyday wear and tear.

Our carpet maintenance programs include services such as the following when applicable:

  • Routine Maintenance of Entry And Walk Off Areas – Regular sweeping and washing of carpets that are frequently walked on.
  • Frequent Vacuuming Schedule – Planned and consistent vacuuming schedule that will ensure long durability and cleanliness of your carpets. High traffic and frequented areas will be vacuumed daily to remove damaging dry soil and other filth.
  • Spot And Stain Treatment And Removal – Thorough and precise non-fading and non-damaging stain removal from areas of the carpet that need treatment